Stone Carver Simon Keeley - What people say about my work

What people say about my work

Here are a few examples of what people are saying about my work....

'Simon is the very opposite of the world-weary, seen-it-all-before

His enthusiasm for his craft is infectious, and the evidence of his own
talents reassuringly surround you, as gargoyles, griffins, green men and angels transport you to a facsimile of some medieval cathedral's
workshop in deepest Surrey.

He doesn't offer quick fixes, just a grounding in sound technique, and
the promise that hard work can be rewarded.'
Pete Wylie - Private Classes



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'Simon is clearly very passionate about his craft and has a fantastic way of passing this enthusiasm on to all around him.

I have been attending his Sunday courses throughout this year and presented Simon with quite a problem; unlike all of his other students I come from a scientific and engineering background and have never really had any artistic or craft talents.  Simon has shown extraordinary patience in dealing with me and my approach to carving whilst at the same time making it appear that he is giving everyone the same level of attention and guidance.

Simon also has a rare skill in that he makes each piece of work a 'voyage of discovery' making his students feel that they are participating in the design and evolution of their work rather than just following a set of instructions.

In my opinion, the fact that all of the class members keep coming back for more is perhaps the best indicator of our trust in Simon and our enjoyment of his approach.

I would recommend him for any teaching or coaching role.'

Perryn Bruce - Private Classes

'As a novice stone carver I found Simon's teaching very supportive and instructive. He spends a lot of time explaining and making sure one understands the basics behind carving. If one has difficulty
understanding a concept he tries different methods such as drawing,
making moulds with clay and support of books and pictures to help with grasping the concept. Simon is very knowledgeable and since he actually practices what he teaches one is assured of learning carving in the hands of a master.

Without Simon's help and encouraging words I would not have benefited from the course.'

Neda Fana-Haeri  - Art Academy

'I recently participated in a 10 week stone carving class at London's Art Academy, taught by Simon Keeley.  

Simon faced a potentially challenging teaching semester when faced with a group of students with varying experience in stone sculpture, all of whom had pieces of work in varying states of completion.  This never proved a challenge for Simon, or a hindrance to any of his students - the attention he paid to our individual abilities, and indeed the interest he held in each of our individual works, never wavered.  His professionalism, skill, experience and enthusiasm, not only in the stone sculpture medium but also in the teaching of the medium, were a pleasure to witness. 

I believe the high number of returning students to Simon’s classes for follow up semesters is credit to Simon as a teacher and artist and proof of his skill as both.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to any potential students considering taking up stone sculpture, or indeed for any potential teaching post he may apply for.'

Claire Rozyn  - Art Academy

'After five years of design and sculpture, mainly in the form of life
modeling in clay, I decided to try what I perceived to be the
difficult discipline of stone carving.

I enrolled in Simon Keeley’s course at The Art Academy. I spent the
year working on a male torso.

I cannot thank Simon enough for his enthusiasm, patience and help in
working on what turned out to be a hugely ambitious work for a first
timer. A year on and we have a body taking shape and the plan is to
finish it this year.

Each student worked on a different subject and I was impressed with
all the detailed work and references Simon prepared for each of us
for the next class, down to him bringing in all his own tools for us
to use.

You don’t often get a teacher who fires you up ...he is one of those 
special people who with his happy outgoing personality and positive 
attitude encourages you to achieve more than you were capable of. As soon as details of the next course he will be running become
available.....I will be enrolling.'

Michael Sprinz - Art Academy

'After attending a short introduction to Stone carving I decided to develop my skills and have a go at a longer course. Simon's class was relaxed and informative with us learning how to take an idea and translate that into a sculpture. Simon is enthusiastic has a very good technical knowledge and ability, which he shares with his learners. It was a very enjoyable class.'

Jo Hepworth - Art Academy

'I’ve been a student of Simon Keeley’s for several terms on the Stone Carving course at the Art Academy.

In my opinion he’s a great tutor who’s enthusiasm for the subject is completely infectious.

I studied Architecture at KIAD (Canterbury) for five years and have had many tutors covering many aspects of the Arts during my time there. I can honestly say that Simon’s passion for his craft and desire to impart that knowledge to others are both of the highest order.'

Alan Hayward (Architect) - Art Academy

'Inspired by a second visit to the Barbara Hepworth Museum in St Ives, I
thought I would like to have a go. Researching the internet, I found a one day taster course in stone carving at West Dean College, and the tutor was Simon Keeley.

From the outset he put all eight of us at ease with his friendly, happy
nature. He was interested in everyone's background, what brought us to the course and our progress during the day. Basics were described and
demonstrated with clarity and humour. These attributes, plus enormous
enthusiasm and energy continued throughout the seven hours of the course. We ALL had more than adequate help and guidance. Simon was a picture of perpetual motion.

What a privilege it is (I am continuing) to be taught by someone who has
great artistic expertise in his craft, and who is also an excellent

SYLVIA MUNDY - ex Ofsted Inspector


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