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Stone Carver Simon Keeley's St Peter

Roughing out the face and hair

'Little Girl statue' - hand carved in York Sandstone. Completed August 2012

Client - Mrs.Patrick

The Story - I visited Mrs. Patrick in her garden in a village in the Surrey hills. She initially was looking to have the statue of the - 'little girl' restored. It was originally cast in concrete and looked from the 1930's. There were lots of important bits missing, such as the arms, hands and shell that would have been part of the original composition.

Stone Carver Simon Keeley's Graces sculpture in progress

Simon working on pierced forms worked through with the chisel

My approach to this problem, was to offer to carve a new one, in a hard wearing stone. The client was from Yorkshire, so York stone was decided
as the best choice.

I then lined up a life model, a young girl, who I photographed from many different angles. I then created a same scale clay model in clay, which was later created in plaster.

A large block arrived at my studio, this was gradually shaped, finding a blocky form.

This was later refined further and further, until detail of the face, hands, shell, dress, legs and feet were carved.

The client was highly satisfied with the results, as final 'tweaks' were made to the carving once it was placed in the garden in the autumn of 2012.

Stone Carver Simon Keeley's St Peter

The completed carving looking splendid in the clients blooming garden

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