Stone Carver Simon Keeley - Letter carving

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Stone Carver Simon Keeley's Roman Lettering

'Trajan alphabet' - v-cut
letter carving in Welsh slate

Stone Carver Simon Keeley - student working on letter carving

Nicole Zitzman happily completing her final slate letter carving design

Stone Carver Simon Keeley's Winston Churchill quote carved on slate

'What we give' - v-cut letter
carving in Cumbrian slate

Stone Carver Simon Keeley - Still waters run deep

'Still waters run deep' -
v-cut letter carving in
Cumbrian slate

Student comment:

Letter carving by Denise
Letter carving work produced by Denise Bagge on Simon's 3 day Letter Carving Class. Denise says...

"I fully recommend Simon Keeley’s 3 day letter carving course as an excellent introduction to the subject. Simon is an enthusiastic and supportive teacher who combines advice with practical experience with stone. It was a fun environment to work in and I particularly benefitted from the time in the course devoted to preparation of my design and how to transfer this to the stone." Denise


Letter Carving

Stone Carver Simon Keeley's Tribute Letter Carving
'Tribute' - raised letter carving in Portland Limestone

Letter carving comes in many forms and I can turn my hand to any style and form. I have been commisioned to carve many types of lettering, a few of which are on display here. The above raised lettering panel was carved as a 'Tribute'- to Charles Renee Mackintosh. The unusually shaped slate carving 'Forgotten letter', was inspired bythe found fragment of wild welsh slate; the natural exposed layering suggesting remenants of pages of a old letter. I thought it would be great to use a fragment of a letter from Napoleon to Josephine. This piece proved very popular and sold at exhibition.

Lettering is a form of art and can a great inspiration when applied to stone, for whatever purpose. A wall hung art piece, a garden feature piece, a comemorative plaque and of course, freestanding sculpural artworks.

When an original letter carving has been sold, rubbings of all the originals are usually taken, so extra editions can be made. Recently commissioned to second editions are 'Still Waters', Trajan alphabet' and 'Tribute'.  Also I will soon be running regular letter carving courses, if interested please contact me.

Stone Carver Simon Keeley's Letter carving for private commission on slate
'Forgotten letter' - v-cut lettering in wild
Welsh slate/gold with a Portland limestone base

Stone Craver Simon Keeley - Darkly Deeply Beautiful Blue - limited editions available in bronze or resin

'Darkly Deeply Beautifully Blue'- limited
editions available in bronze or resin

Stone Carver Simon Keeley -  Darkly Deeply Beautifully Blue' - Cumbrian Slate

'Darkly Deeply' - raised lettering in Cumbrian slate
Letter carving slate plaque

Majorca client commission, v-cut lettering on Cumbrian slate

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