Stone Carver Simon Keeley Garden Art

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'Westminster Abbey Corbel Angel' 'St. Peter Statue' (half life size) 'Missing head of the 3 Graces'Harley Street 'Healing Plants' Little Girl Statue Lewis Knight

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Stone Carver Simon Keeley's Archer

Stone Carver Simon Keeley's Green Lady carvingGreen Lady

Carved stone garden art slate

Slate carved stone


Garden Art

Art Parks International - Bringing Sculpture into the open...
Inspired by the Lewis Chess pieces in the British Museum, hand carved in Portland limestone - completed in 2013 by the Award Winning and Original Sculptor Simon Keeley.

Lewis Knight (Carved stone Big Chess Piece Carving) by Simon Keeley

Lewis Knight (Carved stone Big Chess Piece Carving)

Simon Keeley's stone carvings
are at their best in outdoor settings, such as gardens. Many of the photos on this page are shown with the kind permission of Winkle Howarth - Garden Designer.

Stone Carver Simon Keeley's Letter carving in stone East Oxford
'Ring of Light' sculptural carving in Portland limestone purchased by Winkle Howarth - Garden Designer

Stone Carver Simon Keeley's carving
Romanesque decorated art stone carved in York sandstone

Stone Carver Simon Keeley's Ad inifitum
Gabriel's Wing, Wild Welsh slate on a Portland stone base

Stone Carver Simon Keeley's Seize the day
'Seize the day' - trench cut letter carving on York sandstone
boulder for Pam Strachan

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