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One Day Stone Carving Workshops for Galleries & Museums

Simon is a highly experienced teacher of Stone Carving. From 2010 he has run highly successful Stone Carving Workshops at Hatfield House (Living Crafts). In 2015 he was invited by 'Tate Britain' to run Hepworth Inspired - Introduction to Stone Carving workshops'. These ran concurrently with the Barbara Hepworth Exhibition.

In 2016 whilst doing his annual teaching tour of the North of England he was asked by Boulton Council to run a 1 day Stone Carving Workshop at Smithills Museum.

In August 2016 Simon ran a day of workshops at a public event at the Lowewood Museum (see below).



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TATE Stone Carving Workshops

Led by stone carving expert and tutor Simon Keeley, this one-day beginner’s workshop in July 2015 gave students the opportunity to explore and try out Barbara Hepworth’s stone carving techniques.

Simon Keeley and Hamish at the Tate Barbara Hepworth inspired Stone Carving workshop in 2015

Simon Keeley and Hamish Bradwell at the 'Tate Britain' stone carving workshop

'Tate Britain' students and their work


Stone Carver Simon Keeley - Richard Weston - West Dean Student



Student at Smithill Museum workshop with tutor Simon Keeley   Student at Smithill Museum workshop with tutor Simon Keeley
Student at Smithill Museum workshop with tutor Simon Keeley   Student at Smithill Museum workshop with tutor Simon Keeley


Simon Keeley working and traching at the Tate Barbara Hepworth inspired workshop

Simon Keeley evening class students work

Lowewood Museum Stone Carving Taster Course with Simon Keeley

Simon is available to book throughout the year.
For further information please contact: 07939 337 441 or Email



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